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International and domestic orthopaedic meetings

Dear Colleagues,
During the first 5 months in 2013, we have reports of participation of Serbian Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeons to some of International and domestic orthopaedic meetings. In January Mitkovic and Milenkovic have been invited to give lecture about their experience of external and internal fixation of pelvic fractures in International Symposium and course in Kranjska Gora - Slovenia. In February prof. Mitkovic presented his Accession lecture in Serbian Academy of Science and Art - as new member. In May prof. Mitkovic has presented his invited lecture in ECTES meeting in Lyon and have been three time chairmen in other sessions. Also in May prof. Mitkovic has been invited in Niska Banja to present Invited lecture about fixation of Osteoporotic fractures.

Picture below:
1. Assoc. prof. Milenkovic and prof. Mitkovic in Kranjska Gora.
2. Selfdynamisable concept of Mitkovic selfdynamisable internal fixator (SIF). After 3-6 weeks if there is no sufficient fracture healing, axial dynamisation is activated spontaneously (without additional surgery) providing contact in fracture area.
3. Rare complication of intramedullary fixation of trochanteric fractures. If there is contact of femoral neck to nail (a) then nail can fail (b,c) and additional fracture can happen (d). For successful treatment of that complication if uses nail it is necessary notching below the lateral end of cervical screw. For trochanteric fractures treatment it is necessary to have dynamisation in the axis of the femoral neck and in the long axis of the femur.
4. Left - Invited lecture of prof. Mitkovic in session of open metaphyseal fractures and right - Presidential dinner.
5. Mitkovic selfdynamisable internal fixator (SIF) has dynamisation in the axis of the femoral neck and in the long axis of the femur.

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