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1st Congress of Serbian Trauma Association held

Dear colleagues,
First Congress of Serbian Trauma Association (STA), held in Subotica 23-26. September of 2009, was very successful, has been assessed from participants from home and abroad. The Congress was attended by about 380 doctors and other health workers and associates. The atmosphere was very inspire in two congress halls for three days took place the presentation of papers, discussions, and compliance attitudes. The seriousness and interest were very high. The interest was great for presentations of famous experts from the South Korea, United States, Greece, Russia, Germany and from all the republics of former Yugoslavia. Especially interesting were the discussions in polytrauma treatment and fracture of the lower and upper extremities. The world leading expert in traumatology professor Pape, responded to questions and the primary treatment of open fractures with internal fixation. His answer was that we should be careful because the treatment of possible oseitis is extremely expensive and uncertain. His attitude is: On open fractures and especially III degree (by Gustilo) first applied external fixation, and only if you remove doubt about the existing contamination or infection in the development, it can be done the transformation of external into internal fixation. Euphoria of the primary application of internal fixation in open fractures, which prevailed a few years back has been replaced by caution and good evaluation. It is also obvious that the temporary use of external fixation in closed fractures has increasing importance especially in polytraumatized patients .
On the last day of the Congress began drafting the protocol activities around solving particular problems in traumatology. It started with the following protols: Treatment of open fractures, polytrauma care, treatment of femoral neck fractures, the treatment protocol of type C intraartikularnih fractures etc.. After discussion, our experts have proposed that for the next meeting of the STA should be prepared proposals for discussion and adoption. Every day, working was hard from 8 am - 6 pm except Fridays when it comes to the 8 am 2 pm.
As for social programs, it was extremely well organized and after hard professional work the participants had the opportunity to truly refresh and to socialize unforgettable. Opening of the Congress on Wednesday at 18h in the beautiful City Hall in Subotica was very pleasant. The work of art openings included Serbian the best opera songer Jadranka Jovanovic won the hearts of the hosts and guests performing famous arias, not only in our language but also the guests of the Congress (even in Korean). Every day has been organized free lunches and dinners for the participants of the congress with the artistic program. For memory were particularly: lunch on the horse-farm Kelebia, coach tours, tour Palic and gala dinner.
During the Congress, solemnly signed a memorandum of understanding between the Korean Institute for Research in the field of orthopedic surgery under the patronage of the Korean government which signed the professor IL-Luce Park and sit by the President of STA prof. Milorad Mitkovi. According to this document, interested members of the STA, mostly younger, may be involved (paid) on research in J. Korea, in the development of new methods in orthopedic surgery, where professors Park and Mitkovi guide (more information through this site will be delivered next month).

On Saturday, after lunch, the participants were welcomed and went to their homes full of impressions that are enriched with new knowledge and new friendships and acquaintances.

Best regards
The Organizing Committee of the Congress STA

1. Opening of the Congress with the prima donna aria Jadranka Jovanovic
2. and 3. Working in the halls of Congress
4. Presentation of honorary member diploma of STA to professor Pape
5. Formal signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the South Korean Institute for Orthopedic Surgery and STA
6. On Palic, in the break of Congress

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