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Course in Lukovska Banja

Dear colleagues,

From 3-5th December 2010 in Lukovska Banja has been held one more very nice course with 46 participants. Topics related to surgical treatment of tibia and distal radius. During morning cessions presentations about latest achievements in the world in Serbia were very interesting. During interactive discussions many thinks have been cleared. Presentations coming from different Serbian trauma centers showing series of hundreds of patients have been very impressive. Selfdynamisation concept of minimally invasive internal fixation method and devices known as inteligent implant by prof. Mitkovic are widely accepted leading to unexpected amount of periosteal callus formation. Regrading distal radius treatment it has been concluding that combination of external and minimal internal (K-wires) fixation has advantage in comparison to dorsal and even to volar plate. After lunch and free time, in the evening each participant performed personally 6 operations internal dynamic fixation and external fixation on plastic bones models. Hybrid fixation has been just presented as well as pelvic external fixation. Each participant has been given 6 points external CMI as course is accredited from the government. Gala night was very nice in oriental style in that environment where King Milutin from 13th century spent some time in that nice place.

Photographs below:
1. Participants
2-3. Cessions
4-6. Exercises on bone models
7. Four geysers of natural hot water in this place (on mountain Kopaonik)
8. On gala night
9-10. Although this very new spa center has all modern facilities the participants enjoined the most to swim during snowing

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